PRESS RELEASE: University Heights News

The Tech Leaders won second place in the Alternative Superintendent's Web Design Contest yesterday. First place went to Park East. You can see the submissions at . Our second-place prize was a new very high-end digital camera. Here are the credits:

Graphics Team

Alberto Luna: Team Manager. Managed and finished creation of cover images for Projects, OACE, Parent and Teacher Cover : Images. Used Photoshop and Fireworks
Charles Gomez: Used Fireworks to create and modify navigation tab rings. Contributed to design of cover images, including selection of : icons through web searching. Created the Parent and Student portal pages.
Christian Ortiz: Compiled the "New York Map" from slices of various views, used in opening site animation.
Earl Campbell: Searched for icons on the web. Developed cover icon for Technology section.
Edwin Rivera: Worked on Teacher cover. Contributed to design of cover images, including selection of icons through web searching. : Worked with Flash.
Laurie Hernandez: Searched web for icons, identifying appropriate ones to make up cover images. Refined cover icons in Photoshop, : including feathering and cleanup of rough spots. Created Adult Education and Jobs covers. Created the Teacher cover : page..
Racine Savery: Searched web for icons. Created alternative site color schemes for group voting using Fireworks.

Web Design Team

Jordan West: Information Architect. Completed the compilation of the schools database, including contacting school officials for : information. Created template and pages for the OACE section of the site. Facilitated site design discussions. : Co-Developed the site navigation page.
Lionel Rivera: Javascript hacker. Identified pages with interesting javascripting, and used a "cut and paste and reload" method to extract : and apply appropriate scripts. Learned HTML in order to distinguish codes.
Racine Savery: Created and maintained the school database file, including some school contacts. Edited the portal pages, cleaning up : text formatting and content. Checked links for accuracy.
St. Clair James: Co-developed the site navigation page.

Animation Team

St. Clair James Team Leader. Created the opening animation for the site, including presentation of alternative storyboards to the team for : voting. Designed the student surfer image.
Seven Drummond: Created the opening animation for the student portal using Flash.