PMI (Plus/Minus/Interestion) and Self Evaluation

1) Name:___________________________________________________________

2) Contribution to the Website: Look over the website, the workplan, and think about the past two months. What was your role in the web design contest, and what specific aspects of the site you can point to which you helped make?

3) Evaluation of the Project (Plus): Remember the presentations, the teams you've been part of, the decisions we've made together. What did you enjoy about the structure of the class? What ways did you work that were new or exciting or powerful for you?

4) Evaluation of the Project (Minus): Remember times you were frustrated or bored or confused. What aspects of the class structure did not help you learn? How would you like the class to change next Cycle?

5) Evaluation of the Project (Interesting): What did you notice about the class structure that you'd like to develop more next Cycle? What questions did it raise for you about you, school, or life in general? What else would you like to say?

6) Self Evaluation (Plus): Describe ways in which you grew in your skills and interests this cycle. Talk about computer skills, independent work habits, and working with others effectively. Talk about your understanding of the principles of design, if you can. What would you like to do more with? How do you think you'll use these skills in your life?

7) Self Evaluation (Minus): Describe ways in which you did not accomplish what you set out to. What got in your way? What do you intend to work on next Cycle in order to improve? What would help?

8) Self-Evaluation (Interesting): What did you notice about yourself that surprised you? What raised questions in your mind about your progress and difficulties, if any? What else would you like to say?

9) Project Grade: What grade would you give yourself for this project, on a scale of 1 to 10?

10) Planning: Next cycle, which of the following interests you? Order from 1 to five, with 1 meaning most interesting.

__ Fixing & Installing Computers
__ Designing a New Website
__ Helping Teachers Use Software/Internet
__ Leading/Managing a Work Team
__ Creating Web Pages For Other Classes