PANEL 1: Cover (Name, Cover Image [needed! - tech cover from ASD?]
PANEL 2: Bullet List of Support Services (below)
PANEL 3: Detail of Services [to be revised]
PANEL 4: Protocol & Schedule for Services [Needed}
PANEL 5: Work Order Form [Needed]
PANEL 6: Motto [needed]

Bullet List: Services Offered

Detail of Services:

Format: Title, Description, Value Added

T:Classroom Materials Preparation:
D: (Homework and classwork): We can assist them in typing the handouts given to their classes and help them modify it by inserting pictures, lines, and any other items of importance.
VA: Tech leaders can help by generating texts with cool fonts and inserting attractive images to appeal to the audience.

Classroom Web Portal Design: If a teacher is making a website that involves our school or a personal website, the teacher can ask for assistance or guidance in coming up with ideas for their website.

Reports (progress, assesment, conduct, monthly schedule, etc.): Assist teachers in designing or generating ideas for reports. Include Powerpoint.

Flyers & Banners: Assistance in making announcement sheets for sport, club, or classwork.

Resource Guides: Help teachers find online tutorials and information sources.

Software Training: Help teachers learn to use spreadsheets, databases, web searching, etc.