Do you have a good sense of Design?
Maybe you're just Creative...?

Or maybe you just know what students want...

The new Taconic Hills Website was launched January 1st. It includes features for staff, parents, visitors... But what about students?

This is where you come in: We need a student portal for the website, and who better to design it than a student? This is your chance to use your skills to create the website you, and your fellow students, need. Scroll down for more info.

Contest Rules are as follows:

Your custom-designed website must be original. You may not use copyrighted content.

Please include all the links found on the right bar at

There must be located, somewhere on the page, an easily accessible home link, with the following picture:

The page has to fit all important content in 800x600 pixels, and must be compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 5.x, and Netscape 4.8.

The page must load quickly, (ie, no large inline images, etc...), and must not contain background music.

Flash may be used, but sparingly. The site cannot depend on Flash to present its content. Java may not be used.


Other than this, you have free reign. Make your site flashhy, minimalist, or just plain wacky. But remember, for a site to be succesful, you, as its author, must apply basic design rules. A summary of web-design concepts can be found at

The entire WebMonkey site is a good general resource for website design.