Stage 4: Revising our Skills Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet 2 was basically to update the first spreadsheet. Everyone went up to the board and if they became better at a certain program they would change the first rating and give themselves a higher number. They would also have to circle any changes so that when entering the new numbers into the computer we would quickly know what they changed. We then had two spreadsheets, which were entered into Claris Works. Data from the various categories was then compared, to see where changes had taken place.

To graphically show the process of change, we made pie charts from the Clarisworks Spreadsheets, showing the changes in skill level of all the students from one semester to the other; for example, in hyper studio, below:

Here are the rest of the results of changes, in pie graph form:

Clarisworks old - new | Control Panels old - new | Ethernet old - new |

Extensions old -new | Hyperstudio old - new | Norton Utilities old - new |

System Configuration old - new | Troubleshooting old - new | Web navigator old - new |

Microsoft word old - new | Writenow old - new


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Merit Badge Process Stages
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