Stage 1: Skills Spreadsheet


In the beginning of this course we were given magazine articles to read. Each person had to find twenty different computer terms. We did this because no one really knew anything about computers and we needed to get familiar with some computer terms After finding these terms we did a huge brainstorm in class and we divided every term into three different concepts. These concepts were:
1. Hardware

2. Software

3. Communications

Class Skills Spreadsheet

After getting all terms into concepts we selected the applications that we wanted to explore in class. We drew a large speadsheet on the board with these applications and our names, and we graded ourselves according to how much knowledge we had of each application. For example, if you look at the spreadsheet every application has a number under it. Each person had the task of writing down a number which represented their knowledge on each program. The number ratings were 1, 2 & 3. 1 means that your are clueless about the program, that you don't know nothing about it. The number 2 means that you are familiar with the program, that you know a little bit about it. And number 3 means that you are a master in the program. Everyones job was to choose a program that they were not familiar with. Our next step was for each person to explore these programs. Click on the picture below to get all of the file to see where we were when we first started.

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Merit Badge Process Stages
1. Skills Spreadsheet
2. Badge Descriptions
3. Exhibit Kiosks
4. Revised Skills
5. Cyber Fair