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BY: Marina Tavarez


By: BIG D (Dario Torres)

It is the last week of school and I am very exited to have completed all 15 portfolios, and their abstracts. It took a lot of hard work but they are done. For Juniors to be in my situation or in a better one next year I would advise for them to complete at least three majors and three minors. The majors I suggest to be completed are autobiography, perhaps fine arts if you are artistic and maybe internship if you have one, if not then you should do literature if you have had two semesters of the class. Always remember that if you have papers from Division II, either for math, science, literature, history or autobiographical pieces they can be included in the portfolios. Make sure to take advantage of your advisor and to manage your time intelligently. If a home work is assigned do not procrastinate, JUST DO IT!. The more time you waste, the deeper into the hole you will fall. DO NOT, be scared of portfolios. Simply take four to five pieces of writing for each of your major portfolios, write a cover page and hand it in to your advisor, correct any errors and set a presentation date. Plan to present a portfolio a month, while also completing a minor a month.

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What's up my peoples!!! I know you're just as excited as I am about this new section in "LiveWire" and I want to let you know that this my first time on "LiveWire" and all I can say is that "you know I'm about to blow up the spot because I'm Brotha' man from the 5th floor!" Before I blow up the spot, let me show you what you should expect from my column monthly:

  1. Experiences of teens in the city area and what's going on with us. (yes, I'm a teen too.)
  2. What's happening in the money making industry.(Music, Entertainment, etc.)
  3. Finally, any new or phat things that are going down or happening in the city.

Anyway, let's get started on this lyrical expedition. Now I know it's a bit late, but, a lot of people I know say that Biggie Small, (Notorious B.I.G.), shouldn't have got 5 mics in "The Source" last month. They had said that the only reason he got five mics was because he died. Well, personally, I think that's a bunch of fake talking because I can bet you that those same people that said that are boppin' their heads to some of his cuts right now as I speak! I think that "Bad Boy Entertainment" made a classic album and I really give it up to Sean "Puffy" Combs for producing such a well put collaboration of songs. Big Ups' also to "The Source" for giving Biggie's album five mics. One more thing about "The Source"... I know most of you picked this months issue, (and if you didn't, head to you're nearest newsstand), and I just want to say that I don't want none of my peoples sleeping on Wu-Tang's second album that's coming out in June, I-ght!

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