During the first semester of the course, technical support for the school must be provided by existing structures and tech scout graduates, coordinated through school technology coordinator and any other available support staff. As scouts and scout teams begin to take on necessary tasks, they meet with the tech coordinator and/or the course instructor to establish procedures and protocols. Follow-through on these agreements is maintained through daily progress reports posted to the "Completed Jobs" conference in the Job Shop BBS folder, and weekly progress reports submitted to the BBS for the benefit of the instructor and the student management team. Additionally, student self-evaluations are written and submitted via email to the instructor once per quarter, referencing the various "necessary skills" described above.

The Tech Scouts Instructor is responsible for ensuring that all students have meaningful tasks and the resources to complete them, including the support of the student management team in taking on more and more management responsibility. Ideally, by the end of the course, the class has become a self-directed, efficient service provider, and all students have a sense of their own valuable skills and capacities.



(Note: 90 to 120-minute classtimes are best; for shorter classes, the following may be ammended)
  1. Task Identification: Management Team checks BBS for new work needs and any messages from the instructor. Tech Scouts check their individual email accounts, checking their "personal priorities" to see if these still reflect their individual work projects. Instructor briefs management team on any other priorities.
  2. Task Assignment: Management Team assigns each individual student a task for the class period - either their individual work assignment or a Job Shop task. These are written on the blackboard in chart form (STUDENT/ASSIGNMENT/NOTES) so that all managers and the instructor know where students are and what they are supposted to be doing. Students who have been assigned tasks on the board may leave the classroom and attend to their work, after receiving any necessary software and tools from the instructor.
  3. Work Period: Students work in supervised spaces (other classrooms, the library, the computer lab) and are responsible for completing work and cleaning up. Supervisors of work spaces should notify the tech scouts instructor if this is not being done. At least one Management Team member, in addition to any of their own technical support services, should be visiting these spaces and helping students stay on task.
  4. End of Class Work Record Log: all students need to report back to the Management Team on what work was completed. Completed work should be logged in the appropriate folder on the BBS, and feedback provided to the those who requested the work be done, either online or in person if they do not have active email accounts.
  5. End Of Week Progress Reports: At the end of each week, students (either individually or by work team) produce progress reports stating what work was done and what needs to be completed, and requesting any support needs from the instructor or other students to complete their work. These reports should be posted to the BBS and CC:'d to the instructor. They are for the purpose of informing the management team and each other about service needs, and should be clear and specific.
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