Cyberfair: Final Stages

6. Profiles

A student made a database with the personal information of each tech scout and we used a digital camera to take each person's picture.

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7. Cyber Fair

Our objective for the fair was to show to Division II students and CPESS faculty what we learned throughout the year and hope they would learn something from us. The way we showed our knowledge of computers was through well developed kiosks. For the cyberfair groups had to present their kiosks. They had to able to explain how they made the project, why they were interested in making it and they also had to teach it to the person who was viewing it. They had to make sure that the person was able to answer questions like: What is this exhibit about? Is this useful to you, and the school? What skills are needed to begin working in this area?


1st Annual
Cyber Fair

On February 25 & 26 of 1997, we put on our 1st Annual Cyber Fair in the school's computer lab, which is also our work place. Ninth and tenth graders came to the fair to learn what we have been doing in the technology course. We showed and explained the different types of programs we've been working on like, creating these web pages, making a game using HyperCard, creating a clickable computer and CPESS using HyperStudio and various other things.

Here are pictures from the Fair:

Student's Feedback

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