Stage 3: Kiosk Exhibit Preparation

Our goal

Our main and only exhibition for this class was to make a kiosk for the planned cyberfair. Our task was to develop something interesting by using different programs on the computer. An example of this would be the development of a game made by a group of our students on a program called HyperCard.


Hyper card is a program at which you acn create images about anything you want.You can also put in text about the images you put into your piece.The game made on hyper card is titled dungeons and dragons. This is a self made game by William Cao, Joe Walter. They have made this game in the traditional D & D format. This is an excellent exhibit to check out and to explore.

CPESS On The Net

Other exhibitions were CPESS on the Net which dealt with the making of a web page for the tech class and for Cpess. This webpage includes descriptions of the class as well as our main objective towards the school year. You will also be able to meet the techscouts access our personal bios and get a feel who we are. Plus you can even e-mail us if you have an questions or cooments about the school, the class, or any type of problem you have about computers.

Clickable CPESS/Clickable Computer

There was also clickable Cpess and clickable computer which were both done on a program called Hyperstudio. Hyperstudio is a program in which you can use images and sound to create a piece of work. We also have skills graphs exhibit which show the level of mastery in a certain area. These skills graphs also show images of graphs which shows our visual representation of our mastery in the areas of expertise you will see in the exhibit. Click below for a close-up on one of this exhibit.
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Merit Badge Process Stages
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