Final Self-Evaluations

The Tech Scouts Second Semester Course Evaluation Process began with a Performance Review: all students identified the tasks they had set out to perform, and rated how well they did at performing these various tasks and services. This Rating Sheet was then the subject of personal reflection on how well each student contributed to the course outcomes. The instruction sheet below was used to guide that process, and formed the basis for the student self-evaluations which follow.

Instructions for Self Evaluations

Your task for the final evaluation is to select two of these from different categories that relate to your work. Discuss why these areas fall into the categories shown by discussing your (and the class) strength and weakness using the following criteria:
A) leadership

B) communication

C) technical skill

D) infrastructure (the computers and network)

E) cooperation

D) vision

Note: I am not interested in a long list of what you have done, but more an honest evaluation of how you have met (or not met) your goals (both personal and professional.)
- Joe Walters

Student Self-Evaluations

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