Stage 2: Merit Badge requirements

Each person or groups of people decided to become experts using different computer software. We wanted to become experts on these areas to then pass on our knowledge to those who were clue less on these computer functions. In order to teach people what we learned we decided to copy the boy scouts and do merit badges. Each group had to make a title for their merit badge. Then we had to state a purpose for why the badge was important. We also had to devise a test which people would have to perform a task on the computer, and if they did everything well they would pass the test and receive their badge.  Here is the process we went through:

Below are links the the Merit Badge descriptions - most of them aren't finished but they show a little of what we were doing. We ended up switching to working on the Kiosks, which you can read about next.

Troubleshooting | Control Panels | E-mail | Extensions | Utilities | Microsoft Word | WriteNow

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Merit Badge Process Stages
1. Skills Spreadsheet
2. Badge Requirements
3. Exhibit Preparation
4. Revised Skills
5. Cyber Fair