Our Friends

In addition to school projects, Tech Scouts have worked with the following businesses and organizations:



An Albany-based IT firm, LilleCorp provided a server and software support for the Clermont Community Computer Lab (see below). Scouts built the lab using Linux Desktop Clients. The lab is built on a Thin Client model, enabling the use of donated machines no longer powerful enough to function as stand-alone clients.

Contact: Jordan Rosen

BSD Web Solutions

A Poughkeepsie-based Internet Service Provider specializing in FreeBSD, BSD Web Solutions serves as hosting guru for Beyond the Box, one of the Tech Scouts' business enterprises. Having explored many different builds of Linux, we have settled on FreeBSD as a mature and dependable server operating system for our future thin-client labs.

Contact: Brian Cook

Germantown Telephone

A subsidiary of Valstar, Germantown Telephone Company donated networking hardware and free DSL access and setup to support the Clermont Community Computer Lab. This effort was publicized in Valstar's Community Connections Newsletter.

Contact: Lynn Clum


IBM donated two state of the art workstations to the Taconic Hills Tech Scouts for use in web design, desktop publishing, and other high end applications. Using these machines, scouts Jamie Gibbs, Aaron Garrison, Alex Muller, Jeff Taylor, Joe Pulver and Mike Wolferstieg maintain sections of the district web site, produce the monthly Taconic Middle School Newsletter, and create resources that support classroom projects.

Contact: IBM Corporate Community Relations


Sustainable Hudson Valley

Tech scouts Adam Atlas and Ben Kudria collaborated on the dynamic (php) portions of Sustainable Hudson Valley's website, including the design of a community forum and calendar. Atlas joined the Poughkeepsie High School Tech Scouts in 1998 at age 9, when he taught BASIC to high school students and assisted with the creation of a keyboarding lab from donated machines.

Contact: Melissa Everett

The Town of Clermont

The Clermont Community Computer Lab was built in the Fall of 2004 by Tech Scout Ben Kudria, with legacy machines donated by Germantown High School. Once a Taconic Hills student, Ben moved to Germantown where he teaches web design and is supporting the school's migration to Linux. He also contributed the CSS-based menu design for the town website.

Contact: Raymond Tousey

We want to thank all of these companies & organizations for helping the Tech Scouts program to expand & thrive.