Tech Scouts Merit Badges

Why Merit Badges?

Students set personal goals to become experts using different computer software, and form groups to learn together. We want to become experts on these areas so that we can pass on our knowledge to students who come after us. In order to teach people what we learn, we copy the boy scouts and do merit badges. Each group makes a title for their merit badge. Then we state a purpose for why the badge is important. We also devise a test of tasks which people have to perform on the computer, and if they do everything well, they pass the test and earn their badge. 


Trouble Shooting Badge


To fix and Maintain the functions of your hard disk.

Software requirements:

1.) System folder to store all the functions of the hard disk.

2.) Norton Utilities: to run diagnostic checks on your computer to see if there're any bad blocks, files etc.

3.) Sam: to scan and intercept any viruses the computer might have.

4.) You can also use disk tools ti di basically the same thing as Norton Utilities.

Prerequisite skills:

Know how to locate everything on your hard drive. Know what there capabilities are.

Focus skill:

To learn and understand how to fix your PC and Mac. To maintain the software and it components. You must know and understand your computers main functions what they mean. You must Establish a means of maintaining you PC's and Mac's functions and be able to explain these steps in an easy and simple manner.


The person should solve the situation where they would have to do diagnostic checks fix certain folders and re-configure certain applications that have system problems. Take for instance that you are on a computer that have some bad blocks. You must show an easy way to fix and recover these bad blocks usiong a sytem check application such as norton utilities. As you are doing this you must wtie downn all that you have to prove that your method is a simple way to recover and fix your hard disk.

"Express Electronic Delivery"


E-mail Requirements

2400 & higher baud speed modem, working phone line, computer, maybe online service featuring email service or self ruuning email service program.

Focus Skills

Know where to put email address, subject and note.


1) Use a computer that is connected to an online service or email service and email an inquiry to a company or college or a letter to a friend of your choice. Make sure that each addressee use different servers (e.g. after the @ symbol,,,, etc.).

"Extending the Macintosh"


This area is basically the place where all the very important system's software is. The extensions folder is what extends the Macintosh's capabilities. It also helps certain applications run or play movies, sounds, speak etc.

Extensions Items & Requirement

HSAM Intercept: (Put a space before the S to make it active at startup) SAM version 4.0.6: This scans disks that inserted into the disk drive and checks to see if there is any viruses, warns you and then removes them. EM Extension: (Put a space before the E to make it active at startup) System Software 7.5 About Apple Guide:

System Software 7.5

Apple CD-ROM:

Any Mac System with a CD-ROM drive (internal or external)


Color Macintosh (maybe 256 colors or more) and all the other QuickTime related Extensions.

"Extending the Macintosh"


You need to know how to work this soft ware in order to have a trouble free computer using experience.

Soft Ware Requirements:

Norton Utilities

Prerequisite skills:

You need to know about the different parts of the computer and you need to know how to reed and how to use a computer in general

Focus skills:

People will have to learn how to use each of the parts of Norton and understand most of the terminology the program uses they will have to learn how to use Norton disk doctor UN erase volume recover speed disk Norton flash back and system info.


The test will be to go get a broken disk from the library and see if the person knows how to fix it then check the hard drive then throw out a file and un erase it.