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Tech Scouts was created in 1993, with troops formed in five schools. Students collaborate online between schools and stay in touch through college.

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Who are the Tech Scouts?

Tech Scouts are student teams who develop computer- related and workforce preparation skills in service to the school community. Tech scouts:

  • Work with teachers, peers and mentors to identify the IT skills they will develop and master as individuals, supported by online learning, mini-lessons and progressively complex tasks.
  • Refine and extend their technical skills in hardware configuration and troubleshooting, software application, graphic design and many other areas.
  • Apply these skills in interdependent work groups to meet the real needs of their school and community through a "job shop" and long term projects.
  • Practice and master the management and interpersonal skills required to function in the workplace.

"Tech Scouts" are high-tech (but not necessarily high-performing) students whose motivation to achieve in school is enhanced by the program. Through Tech Scouts, students make connections to other students in other schools, IT companies, higher education institutions, and service coordination to develop and apply computer technology skills to work on authentic projects for real environments.

Through interagency relationships and shared tele-communications infrastructure (including video- conferencing), students work with state-of-the-art applications in IT workplaces, and obtain specialized training through distance learning courses informed by current IT workplace needs (such as LINUX support). Through these and other experiences, students build connections to regional schools of higher education and leading IT companies, and begin their careers through these relationships.