Model Name C-R-E-A-T-E GenTECH Tech Corps MOUSE Tech Scoutsts Your
ICT Career Preparation X X X X X  
Teacher just-in-time technology support. X X X X X  
Teacher professional development X X     X  
Academically-oriented tech support X X     X  
Staffing & Delivery            
Primary Teacher/Club advisor X X   X X  
Site Coordinator X       X  
Associated with Teacher IT Training X X     X  
Standardized Online Training   X X X    
Credit-Bearing Class X X     X  
Afterschool Club     X X X  
Character education  X       X  
Professional workforce skills X X X X X  
Technical skills X X X X X  
Instructional skills X X     X  
Project-based learning contracts    X     X  
Online testing and certification     X      
ICT career pathway development X X X X X  
Student awards program       X    
CDOS Standards-based curriculum       X X  
Help desk operations training   X X X X  
Community Service Focus X       X  
Curriculum Delivery            
Classroom: first semester basic training   X     X  
30 hours online training     X      
Tech-support superivised club X     X X  
Individualized learning plans   X     X  
External agency volunteers X   X X X  
Supervised Internship Placement         X