Tech Scouts help HS Sophmore Redesign Germantown School District Site

The Independent, Friday January 28, 2005

Brown manages G'town website

GERMANTOWN-Casey Brown, a Germantown High School sophomore, volunteered to be the webmaster for the new school website.

For quite some time, there has been a significant need to update the site.

Casey stepped forward to accept the challenge, and in the process created a dynamic, highly functional, and visually appealing website, according to district officials.

The new website is a point of reference for the dissemination of information, ranging from sports schedules, to guidance information on careers and colleges.

In addition, Board of Education meeting and Parent Teacher School Association meeting minutes are updated and posted. Plans for the website include the addition of department specific sections, and the school newspaper.

Casey is also working with Germantown junior Ben Kudria on website design enhancements. Casey is a member of the GCS var sity volleyball and basketball teams.

He has held significant roles in several school productions, including Wizard of Oz, Crazy for You, and most recently, Annie. He is also a member of the Germantown chapter of the Technology Scouts, led by Ben Kudria.

For the first time, the Germantown Central School is now offering a website design course.
To see the new site, go to